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TILT Brochure: Understanding TILT

Please read the attached brochure to understand how TILT (Containerized Bioreactors) work. We have (more)

TILT comes in a variety of models to suit your needs

Depending on the application, whether you are in a remote location, have more volume (more)

TILT provides Nitrification (more)
TILT can be used for Additional Capacity (more)
Use TILT for Industrial Treatment (more)

TILT MBBR - Moving Bed BioReactor  (More Info)
The TILT MBBR system is based on the Biowater Complete Mix Fixed Film moving bed bioreactor technology, where moving plastic carriers with fixed biofilm remove organic substances in the water. The biofilm carrier elements are free to move around within the bioreactor and are specially designed for biofilm growth.

TILT CFIC® - Continuous Flow Intermittent Cleaning (modified MBBR)  (More Info)
The TILT CFIC® system is based on the Biowater Continuous Flow Intermittent Cleaning technology, which is unique due to its compactness and performance. It offers a great alternative to problematic membrane treatment system. It has all the benefits of traditional biofilm processes with moving carriers but with many additional benefits.

TILT SBR - Sequencing Batch Reactor  (More Info)
The TILT SBR system is based on a Sequencing Batch Reactor technology, with four distinct Fill, React, Settle and Decant stages. Very good for simple wastewater treatment applications.

TILT Aero Coarse Bubble Aeration Tank BioReactor  (More Info)
The TILT Aero system is a simple aeration tank with a stainless steel coarse bubble aeration diffuser grid. Combine it with a primary and secondary clarifier to have a complete treatment plant.

The above technologies are combined in a prefabricated, skid mounted and standardized tank, suitable for national & overseas transportation as ISO freight containers. Combined with an auxiliary container to house items such as screening, control panel, instrumentation, blower, clarifier, etc. it provides a complete treatment solution.

Use the TILT for temporary treatment or to supplement an existing plant that is at treatment capacity.

TILT is also available in a horizontal configuration called HILT, which has slightly less performance characteristics but is easier to install - no concrete support pad is required.

H2Flow Equipment Inc. would be happy to help you choose the correct TILT unit for your application and wastewater treatment systems. We will recommend the right equipment to remove the contaminants you are concerned about or improve your existing process. Complete physical, chemical, biological systems can be provided. Call our sales/engineering group to discuss your application in detail, or download and fill out the H2FLOW QUESTIONNAIRE (Word Format) form and send it back to us for use in our initial evaluation.

We look forward to assisting you with your projects.